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The Pickled Fig

Im going to be honest with you upfront...
I have been to The Fig (mainly The Pickled Fig in Freo) more times than I can remember.

I've even had the cheek to take various friend groups in the hope that eventually...I would have the opportunity to try everything on their menu.

My only fault being, that I actually order the same thing (with slight variations) each time I come. This makes my review slightly bias you say? Alas, here I make up for my stubbornness and slightly "safe" way of dining by seeing everyone else's dishes around me (on my own table and on others), and experience the differenct service. 

Last admission... I'm a "Fig Fave" 
- Meaning I have a loyalty card for this chain of restaurant in Perth.
(At least I'm openly admitting my obsession by becoming a member!!)
Hey? Points gets you more freebies = happy me. 

Here I take the opportunity to share with you my favourite brunch place.

Settled a stone-throw away from the Fremantle south beach sits The Pickled Fig
The south beach is a dog beach and so the The Pickled Fig often has customers who have just finished their morning walk and pop into the Fig for their morning coffee. 

The fig is decorated with beach art on the walls, a bright red couch that extends along the wall of the café and many “fig” themed items to buy such as fig hand cream, recipe books and The Fig branded mugs and coffee.

What really impresses me about The Fig Café’s are their dedication to supporting good causes such as donating over $15,000 P.A. to The Hunger Project, using Fair Trade coffee and recycling at any chance. They also only use suppliers that have RSPCA accredited chickens and eggs which are free range, and use fresh, local produce.

The front counter has an array of oddly shaped tea pots and cups which finds it’s way to your table if you order one of the many choices of tea from the menu. My favourite here is the Traditional Chai Tea served in a bowl. Don’t be fooled, this gigantic-sized milky chai will set your taste buds with cinnamon, nutmeg and the aromatic chai leaf before you start your brekky.

The multiple freshly blended juices and smoothies are a huge hit.
The “Mad Monkey” blends banana, chocolate, coffee and icecream and the “Nut Nectar” is an almond and date drink which tastes mysteriously like sticky date pudding but it’s made with a soy milk and is gorgeously rich and smooth in texture. 

But my favourite is the “Green Smoothie – Health in a Glass” which blends banana, greens and fresh fruit to a refreshingly green coloured juice. You can just feel the nutrients packed into this smoothie and the fact that it is green in colour doesn’t deter from the fact that its sweet with honey drizzling down the side and the sweetness of the fruit. 

The Green Smoothie $7.80

The coffees are made with 100% fair trade coffee, and if you have had enough caffeine for one day, the option of a ”Dandy Soy” may appeal to you as a decaf version using dandelion root espresso.

Enough about the drinks, now onto the food – those amazing fresh and home-made brekky dishes! 

Pictured below is the Eggs Benedict (with added salmon).

Eggs Benedict (with salmon) $15.50 

The perfectly poached free-range eggs oozed yolk down the grilled ham, salmon, spinach and cassalinga. This was topped nicely with tangy homemade hollandaise sauce. Perfection!

I ordered the Vegan.Version 4.26 and wanted to replace the hash brown with poached eggs but they apparently don’t do any swaps so I was charged the extra $4 for 2 poached eggs and no hash brown… probably should have just got the hash brown as well considering I paid for extra eggs…

The Vegan Version 4.26 - $17.90 (+ poached eggs for $4)

Again, the eggs were pached to perfection and I happily devoured the balsamic field mushrooms, slow cooked cherry tomoatoes that popped sweetness into my mouth, and wilted spinach. I had pumpkin-seed rye bread which I absolutely loved – it was light and had crunchy pumpkin seeds on the crust. The semi-sundried tomato pesto was beautifully tasty, I just wanted more to cover my toast in!!

I finish with photos of two other meals I’ve had from The Pickled Fig. These were from the winter menu which has changed slightly to the now – summer menu.

In the forefront is a spicy bean and roasted pumpkin vegan brekky with asparagus and roasted tomato.  This was also with pumpkin-seed rye toast. I usually added poached eggs to this meal as it was a little dry without the moisture of the egg yolks.

 This meal is a balsamic field mushroom brekky with scrambled eggs, sour dough and goats cheese fetta and cashew and sundried tomato pesto. 
Ultimate gourmet deliciousness!!

If you haven’t realised why I love these café’s so much, I’m starting to wonder if you haven’t seen the photos clearly…This place serves amazingness on a plate!
Fresh, made from the heart and with good intentions. 

Perfection at it’s finest. 

Highs: Good quality, fresh ingrediants
Lows: Price for extras and no substitutes in breakfast combinations
Overall: Love the food here
Would I return? Definately, I can't resist this food!

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