Sunday, March 4, 2012

Michelle's Crepes at Freo Markets

When someone asks me where to go in Perth, one of the first things I tell them to do is go to the Fremantle Markets on the weekend and visit Michelle’s Crepes.

This little discovery has led Jack and I to be personally known at Michelle’s Crepes by Michelle herself as we have frequently visited this busy little French Crepe Suzette during the bustling craziness of what the Fremantle Markets are typically all about.

I usually get a spinach, fetta, sundried tomato, mushroom and onion crepe with chilli and garlic sauce.

Jack’s usual is the Chicken La’Quilla – Herbed chicken with salad and he also adds the chilli and garlic sauce.

You can have every combination of crepe that you could ever dream of:

Sweet: banana and nutella, custard and applepie, strawberries and cream, chocolate mouse, hazlenuts, icecream, coconut, cinnamon, maple, lemon and sugar…the list goes on!

Savoury options include anything from vego classics like spinach and ricotta to chicken, ham, seafood, hot chilli, to Mexicana!  

If your imagination can create it, then so can Michelle.

The Freo Markets are a place I love to visit. On a day that isn’t 40 degree’s, or a long weekend where you can hardly walk one metre without the stranger next to your bumping his melting icecream into your left arm or the person reaching over to grab that bag of fresh produce in the fruit and vege section.

I love the fresh produce and the bargains you can get from the fresh fruit and vege section. I normally stock up on every time of sweet fruit in season you could think of before coming out with heavy arms full of bags of produce.

The smell of hot potato curls cooking, or organic donuts, the stall owners yelling out their specials of the day or offering for you to try their samples. There’s bakeries selling fresh bread, the cupcake stall, lots of nuts and health foods and of course coffee, icecream, clothes, and every nick-nack you could think of!

I recently tried a “Dutch caramel” oil infused coffee bean in my latte, as opposed to the usual coffee bean. After paying $3.50 for the same size as a shot of Tequila at a bar - I thought I better reconsider my purchase next time as after one big sip, the “small latte” was gone.

There is actually nothing better (when the weather in Perth is being nice) than grabbing a crepe to go and sitting under a big tree in the park near the railway line. If you aren’t full after your gigantic savoury crepe (I normally fill mine with every ingrediant they offer), you can come back and try a sweet version.

They even have about 4 different times of batters: normal, wholemeal, chickpea batter and gluten-free.

Get amongst it. Let Michelle know your name.

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