About me

Being quite the foodie obsessed individual that I am, I’ve wanted to start a blog for quite some time now.

I love to cook (mainly bake – however my flair in Thai cooking and experimenting with different cuisines has definitely become more apparent lately), eat out at restaurants/cafes, and enjoy food, flavours, socialising around food and generally talking about food.

Despite these food-related loves, I’ve neglected to not only start a blog, but feel slightly awkward about the whole idea.
Because really, I never thought of myself as someone that others would be interested in reading about, nor feel that what I have to say is anything but ordinary-food-related-experiences.
I guess you could call me a closet blogger.

So regardless of this, here I am.
It took the convincing of a close friend before I thought – what the hell!  I take so many photos of my dining experiences and at-home-food-creations that maybe this blog could be the central for my collection of foodie-love.
And plus, if it means I’m venting about my newly favourite recipe or a restaurant I’ve discovered, then maybe it means I wont be hassling my friends with my constant babble of foodie-talk. I quite enjoy seeing photos of dishes at restaurants so I know what im in for, also hearing good reviews about places im thinking about trying – so this is my way of sharing my experiences!

This is read-at-your-own-choice. No obligations. So technically, it’s your fault if you find this boring, un-constructive or a waste of time. Feel free to read about Justin Bieb’s new haircut if this is more your thing…
Oh and I forgot to mention one more thing... Im a vego.

A big green lettuce muncher.

However I love to dive head first into the ocean and enjoy all seafood!  Thus, I am apparently what they call a “Pesce-tarian,” by definition from the trusted source of the world-wide-web, is: “A Pescetarian diet excludes land animals and birds, but includes fish, mollusks, and crustaceans in addition to fruits, vegetables, plants, legumes, nuts, and grains...Lets try to assume some pompus human-dictionary did not just invent this from the top of his head, and that this diet legitimately existstherefore, this is me.

Cut out the jargon and it means this blog will feature mainly food of the seafood and vegetable variety, with some exceptions...
I love dessert (anything sweet), and Thai and Indian cuisine (or anything bursting full of flavour, rustic spices and chilli!) so expect to see this a lot!

I leave you with some images from my previous dining and cooking experiences… When I first thought about this blog, I initially became annoyed that I couldn’t blog about all my favourite restaurants and past cooking experiences, because they were just that…in the past.

2012 starts with me not only revisiting my favourite places to eat, but sharing my favourite recipes and any of my cooking and baking creations.

Get excited.

Below are some of my spontaneous baking creations:

butterfly cupcakes for the Breast Cancer cakestall fundraiser 

mixed berry pancakes - brekky in bed

triple choc pancakes - late night snack