Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mango Sticky Rice with Thai Custard

There is one dessert I will get every time if it’s on the menu no matter what.

No matter how full I am of three Thai curries, rice, stirfrys and appetisers - I will still get this dessert. Although simple as it is, it would have to be one of my favourite desserts.

Most people either do not love this dish or have no opinion on it. It’s not hugely sweet, nor is it something you really feel like after indulging on huge Thai curries and filling up your stomach with ever-expanding rice. However, I stand strong that this dessert is delicious.

Sweet Mango Sticky Rice.

Typically, it looks a lot like this:

I am luckily enough to have a Thai friend who upon request will make sticky rice and Thai custard for me if I give her a few days notice (you need to soak the rice overnight).

When I receive the bowl of sweet sticky rice; covered in coconut cream and the sweetness of palm sugar, and the Thai custard; which is an unflatteringly grey/yellow colour, I portion out my servings in an attempt to make the goodness last as long as possible.

As the sticky rice and custard looks quite unappealing, I have restrained from photographing it and instead utilised the fantastic capabilities of the world-wide-web to showcase a much more presentable version which was most likely at a restaurant. You get the idea.

All in all, I encourage you to try this dessert when next faced with the opportunity at a Thai restaurant or otherwise. I’m not claiming it is rich and indulgent, chocolately or have any world-standing textural or flavour-compelling features.
I will however tell you it is delicious. And I am luckily enough to tell you I have some sitting in my fridge at the moment.
*had some sitting in my fridge thanks to my lovely Thai friend.

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