Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Macaroon made my day.

It’s funny how small things can really make your day.

Some gorgeous girls I work with bought a little treat back to me after a very stressful and patience –testing morning.

Introducing – the best Mango Macaroon I’ve ever tasted!

Being larger in size than most macaroons I’ve tasted, this little morsal embodied everything I love about macaroons – the sweet hit and sugar rush you get from the first bite and the crunchy texture you bite into before reaching that smooth creamy filling inside!
To my surprise, this mango macaroon had a sweet mango flavoured filling inside that complimented the bright orange sweet mango biscuit.

I gobbled it up so quickly that I only remembered to steal a happy snap of this treat after the first delicious bite… can you tell how excited I was to try it?!

My love for macaroons has now been re-ignited.

How did I ever forget how much I love macaroons?


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