Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lemon Belgium Tea Cake

Lemon Belgium Tea Cake.

This yellow delight is what defined a little cafe I used to work at once upon a time.
We had up to 10 orders a day for a full teacake in which I was responsible for baking.
(You can see why I loved my job).
Despite making these teacakes constantly, I still devour a slice (or two) every time I make this.
This is the cake you take to parties and without a doubt, there will be at least one guest that will ask for the recipe.

The crunchy sweet pastry bubbles on top of the tea cake, covering the sweet, tangy bright yellow lemon curd filling inside the sweet vanilla short-crust pastry base…will make any cake lover weak at their knees.

This teacake looks more complicated than it really is…
Whenever I mention that I “made the pastry” for this, you’d be surprised at how many people look at me in amazement.
I neglect to tell them it would have to be one of the easiest short-crust pastry recipes I’ve ever come across.

So next time you stop into Dome and grab a slice of their lemon-lime tart or that little cafĂ© down the road that sells the lemon meringue pie…think about how easy it could be to create a sexy little morsel like this one and impress at your next party.

Serve chilled with a slice of vanilla bean ice-cream or whipped cream. There’s actually nothing better.

I keep a lemon tea cake in my freezer at all times to have a slice ready for a 10-second defrost whenever I crave that sweet lemony kick!

After years of making this tea cake, it still remains my favourite party impresser and people’s choice at any function.

It's a winner.

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