Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crust Pizza – Mt Lawley

Crust Pizza has been on my mind a bit lately.
I drove past the one in Mt Lawley after being in the area and I was reminded of my curiosity with the Gourmet Pizza place whose launch party I stumbled upon one evening when Crust recently opened in Vic Park.
I noticed then that Crust offered some delicious sounding vegetarian pizza options and since analysing the menu, this has been on my list of places to try.
I know the Food Pornographer has experienced the Crust goodness at a launch party and managed to taste a fair few varieties of gourmet pizzas on offer. So check this blog out if you’re interested in what the other (meatier) options look like.
The pizza we tried was the Chilli Prawn Pizza. ($18 for a medium).

Now if you know me, you’ll know I take pizzas very seriously. I love a good gourmet pizza but can never seem to try anything that isn’t made at home by myself with love. To say it frankly…I’m a pizza snob.
So to try a BOUGHT pizza, this was a risk!!
The pizza was actually really nice! The crust was thin and crunchy, but thick enough to still taste that bready goodness. The prawns were cooked beautifully, still crunchy and fresh. I specifically noted there was a big prawn on each of the six slices. Great value when you think about some of the pizzas joints which seems to skimp on quality ingredients. I love a west aussie brewery and the beer at Little Creatures brewery, but specifically remember the time when I ordered a prawn pizza which had one and a half prawns total. Half the size of the crust pizza and nearly twice the price!

This Chilli Pizza from Crust had big flakes of basil scattered across the slices, chunks of white fetta sprinkled and gooey cheddar cheese. The tomato sauce on the base wasn’t particularly chilli in spiciness but the pizza itself had a lovely flavour throughout.
Munch munch munch…what pizza?

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