Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spicy Seafood Bisque

If I told you I have the most perfect boyfriend you will either do one of two things:

1) Roll your eyes - Displaying your relationship-hater stage as you ever so desperately try to find the man of your dreams through endless dating. or

2) Go "aww, that's sweet" as you acknowledge it's OK for someone else to be happy.
(choose this one!)

I came home after one heck of a day at work to find my man cooking up a storm.
Now, if you know me...

I love seafood.
I love chilli.
I love food.

and I love it even more when I've been working all day, I'm tired and ever-so-hungry!

Jack cooked me a Spicy Seafood Bisque for dinner.

Now this meal deserves to be celebrated as he literally just whipped it up one afternoon.

Using his amazing cooking abilities, he managed to cook each piece of seafood in this bisque perfectly. The fish just fell apart in my mouth, the prawns crunchy and light and the squid fresh and not the slightest bit rubbery as most restaurants will serve it to you like.
The rich tomato broth had a kick of chilli and spices to just send your tastebuds wild!

He toasted some herbed turkish bread and I was treated to the warm spicy seafood bisque that  
made. my. day.

If you're after a dinner-winner. Give this a go. It absolutely hit the spot!

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