Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Xage Vietnamese - Surry Hills, Sydney

Sydney has brought me to one of the most exciting Vietnamese restaurants to date.

Having Vietnamese spices and those fresh herbs hit my tastebuds for the first time since visiting Vietnam made me a very happy camper!

So much so, we went here two nights in a row.

Upon viewing the menu, I could not help but order two mains. The prawn salad I was warned was very spicy... "bring it on" I said! 

We ordered:
Crispy chicken spring rolls with nước chấm.

Coleslaw of grilled prawns in chilli lime vinaigrette.

Càri gà chicken yellow curry, hot mint, sweet dried shrimp and steamed rice.

Black tiger prawn xả ớt with okra, lemongrass chilli sauce.

This was the remainder of the meal. 

A wonder down China Town and we found some sweet treats to finish the meal at "The No.1 Cake a Cafe".

(As if we had any room left in our bellies after our four meals!!)

A passionfruit macaron and a chocolate soufflé hit the spot!

Xage Vietnamese on Urbanspoon No.1 Cake & Cafe on Urbanspoon

Out second visit to Xage, I couldn't go past the prawn salad (main) as my entree again!

I fell in love with the chilli sweet spicy dressing, the crunchy prawns and nuts and fresh herbs!

We then tried the spicy beef curry:

It had a rich, deep beef stock base with large chunks of tender beef and Thai basil. It was comforting, hearty and full of flavour! 

The grilled Tasmanian Ocean Trout with turmeric, herbs and spices was covered in fresh herbs and a capsicum salsa. A sweet, sour lemon dressing was a nice compliment to bring the flavours of the trout alive. I think some chilli would have been a nice addition to this dish.

I'm coming back next time I visit Sydney to try every thing else on the menu!

I just wish they offered dessert!!

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