Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tapas in the country

There’s something about relaxing in the country and enjoying the simplicities of life.
I love the fresh produce and using it in everything I cook. Fruit and veggies just get taken to a whole new level when they are home-grown.

Upon my recent trip to Harvey, I made a five course Tapas meal inspired by all the fresh produce we had!
Course one: fried chilli chorizo with fresh lemon

Course two: aioli potatoes with fresh lemon

Course three and four: chilli garlic mushrooms and Moroccan chicken skewers with Greek yogurt.

 Course four: Baha fish taco’s with coriander and chilli

Course five: home-made Thai sticky rice with coconut custard  

Thai sticky rice with coconut custard is my ultimate favourite dessert! I am lucky enough to know a Thai lady who makes this for me upon request. No matter how many attempts I make at this Thai dessert, I cannot get it right or anywhere near as delicious as she makes it!
So I have given up and instead put my order in for two large bowls of sticky rice and custard every time I visit Harvey.
Tapas, sitting outside while the sun sets, sipping on a cold cider with my loved ones.

Now does life get any better than this?  

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