Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Top Eats

2012 has been the year that led me to my love for Japanese cuisine and my exploration through the country of Vietnam, giving me the opportunity to taste the Vietnamese flavours you just can’t experience here in Perth!
There have been many ‘firsts’ in 2012, but my biggest was the first time I started to eat meat other than seafood!
Chicken started the craze and soon to follow was duck, pork, pate, turkey, beef (including raw beef), crocodile and even FROG! (but that’s another story)
This is not to say I eat red meat regularly, but chicken is on the menu at least 6 days a week and I’m open to trying new meats when I can!
Lettuce Muncher has evolved into a Chicken Chomper!

I have listed my ‘Top Eats for 2012’ as the places in Perth I have had great food experiences at and generally can rely on for a great feed!
At number five is Chapels on Whatley in Maylands.
I can always rely on Chapels for great bottom-less tea and my usual big breakfast with poached eggs, smoked salmon, spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms! This was the place that got me hooked on New Norcia Bakery’s Fig and Fennel sourdough! You can’t deny the restaurant has a great atmosphere where you can sit inside and surround yourself in Japanese tea ornaments and china tea sets, or outside in the courtyard under big red umbrella’s.

Number four is Mr Munchies Sushi
An ‘Our Deal’ online voucher we purchased gave us the opportunity to try the newest member to the Mt Lawley restaurant strip on Beaufort Street!
Mr Munchies is the first Sushi establishment in Australia to offer customers a chance to customise their sushi – build your own from scratch!
As appealing as this process was, we were too tempted to try the already made combinations on offer!
A great little sushi joint for fresh sushi, made exactly how you like it - right in front of your eyes!
Mango Chicken sushi

Number three is Is Donburi in Northbridge.
I can always rely on fresh seafood, meat cooked to perfection where the chicken falls from your fork and value for money at Is Donburi.
I absolutely love their Seafood Salad where I can guarantee a generous amount of fresh seafood including salmon, kingfish, tuna, prawn, squid and seaweed with a sweet punch of chilli-apple dressing for only $11.50!

I have been here numerous times and tried nearly every item on their menu! The only hesitation I have is with their sushi – nothing too special or exciting, and in my opinion lacks general flavour or spark. However, their Bento Box meal deals are unbelievably good value!  

3. Is Donburi - Northbridge

Fish Katsu Curry Business Bento Box with the Sashimi Salad

Number two is S&T Thai in Northbridge.
The little gem that when you discover you either:
a)    Tell everyone you know as you are amazed at it’s deliciousness, or
b)    Tell no one, so that you can keep the Thai secret all to yourself!
Authentic Thai food at such a great price tag! Guaranteed spicy and creamy curries and some of the best Pad Thai I’ve had in Australia!
If you want to dive head first into the coconut sensations of simple, authentic and unpretentious Thai cuisine, S&T Thai have you covered!

Prawn Pad Thai

Number one has to go to a Japanese restaurant where the flavour combinations of typical Japanese food is transforms where each dish is given a unique modern twist!  
Bonsai Japanese Restaurant in Northbridge is one of those places I wish I had discovered earlier!
Prompt and attentive service, gorgeous romantic atmosphere with dim lighting and food to bring your taste-buds alive!
Terms such as “caramel soy,” “cajun,” “miso broth” and “butter soy” made me so excited to order I couldn’t simply decide!
Sashimi so fresh you could feel the kick of the fish tail as it was plucked from the ocean, teriyaki chicken meat so tender it fell apart at the touch of your fork and intoxicating sophisticated Japanese flavours that opens your mind on Japanese cuisine.
Although Bonsai has a nice little “Perth” price tag attached, I constantly battle the craving of the “caramel soy” dishes!

Salmon Sashimi on Asparagus

I have to make a special mention to Jessie's Curry Kitchen in Inglewood. Discovered upon my recent move to Maylands, Jessie’s has provided us with endless last minute takeaway orders for Indian curries that make your taste buds dance Bollywood style!
Run by a gorgeous couple and their family, Jessie’s will, without-fail, have a spice-intoxicating, creamy butter chicken on request! Hugely generous in servings and meat always cooked to maintain moisture, Jessie’s is a Maylands local secret and undeniably our go-to take-away when we can’t be bothered cooking and need a big hug from India in our bellies!

And that brings 2012 to a delicious close!
May 2013 for Lettuce Muncher bring undiscovered taste sensations, many meat trials and of course, good company to share the wow-moments that food gives!

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