Monday, October 8, 2012

Gypsy Tapas - Freo

Tapas is normally something that either leaves me with an empty stomach or an empty wallet.

I never venture out for tapas for this reason as I leave wanting to grab a takeaway meal on my way home and so poor I could have had a couple of main meals at any other restaurant.

Gypsy Tapas in Freo have a variety of tapas dishes all for $8.

Seafood, meat, vegetables or some olives in a bowl - it's all the same price.

For $30/head you can have a banquet where the Chef choses tapas dishes for your table. 
For $40/head you can have unlimited tapas dishes for two hours.

I'm coming back for the unlimited menu :)

P.S. Gypsy Tapas have jugs of homemade Sangria!

Marinated Artichokes and Peppers (by far the best!)
Stuffed Capsicum with rice
Lemon mustard beans
BBQ'd prawns

Toasted turkish bread
Home-made hummus dip (AMAZING)
Meat balls
Chicken wings
Marinated fetta
and some others I can't recall

Apologies for the poor quality photos... dim lighting + the excitement to eat all the dishes left no time or patience for photography.

Gorgeous little restaurant, cute waiters, live music, sangria jugs and good company.

I'll be back.

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  1. Ooooh, looks like a few good vegan options in there too! I might have to swing by one night.

    1. Ohh there are so many tapas choices! I personally know there are plenty of vegetarian options! The menu borad changes with specials each day too I think :)