Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dreaming of Brunch in Melbourne

I’ve spent a morning scrolling through photos of my friends travels on Facebook and through photo-envy I have resorted to looking at my own travel photos.
I have been hungrily reminiscing my holiday to Melbourne earlier this year and thought I’d spend a moment sharing these gorgeous little brunch spots I came across in Melbourne.

The Bond Store - Southbank

The Bond Store on Urbanspoon

·         Cappuccino
·         Fried eggs on rye toast with white truffle oil, spicy chorizo sausage and Mexican chilli.
·         Poached eggs on toast with smoked bacon, wilted spinach, smashed avo & roasted tomato
·         Poached eggs on toast with wilted spinach, smashed avo & roasted tomato (side of smoked salmon instead of bacon)
·         Hot banana bread with honey butter
·         Latte

The best dish here was the Banana bread by far. It was soft, light and crumbly in texture but with a crunchy crust. Sweet (real) banana flavours and with a thick slice of honey-butter – it just melted in your mouth! More like a banana cake than banana bread. So divine!


Affogato Espresso Bar

Affogato Espresso Bar on Urbanspoon

Down one of the most popular little brunch lanes in Melbourne hides a pretty little espresso bar called – Affogato Espresso Bar. Hardware Lane was another skinny street boasting of macaron cafes, coffee shops, and so many breakfast cafes! Cobblestone paths, coffee bean aroma floating through the air – I could not be happier.
A gorgeous welcoming couple (that clearly own and run the café) were ever so friendly and accommodating and invited us into their cafe.
The Coffee was out of this world! I asked what coffee beans they used and they said “Supreme.”

We had two large (mug) latte’s, then two more normal-sized lattes (because the first were so damn unbelievable!), the big Vegetarian Breakfast with extra sides and an Eggs Benny – ALL FOR UNDER $40!!
The brunch was probably my perfect brekky on a plate: Poached eggs, salmon, mushrooms, fried tomatoes and spinach leaves on seeded toast!

Jack had an Egg’s Benny which he also ravved about!

I would return here purely for the divine coffee, the impeccable service and the best breakfast I had in Melbourne!

Affogato Espresso Bar
29 Hardware Lane
+61 9642 5593


  1. OK so now it MY turn to drool over YOUR photos! You have got me craving eggs for dinner now, and seeing as the Boy wont be home for tea...I can!!! Woot!

  2. Haha I love having breakfast for dinner! I often cook up some eggs on toast plus roast veggies (with smoked salmon if Im lucky!) or there's nothing better than throwing together leftovers in the fridge into an ommlette or frittata!
    If all else fails, im a sucker for cereal for dinner haha