Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Strawberry & Banana Maple Fruit Toast

If you haven’t already heard about my love for New Norcia’s Fig and Fennel Sourdough which was first discovered when I had brunch at Chapels on Whatley – then here it is!
Lawley’s Bakery also does a scrumptious Fig and Fennel Sourdough Bread which I’ve used in this recipe here.
With no eggs in the house for my usual weekend of eggs, salmon, avocado and every other vegetable I can fit on my plate, I opted for a sweet change.

Strawberries, banana, cinnamon and maple on toasted Fig and Fennel Sourdough 
= perfection!

Here (as I had no eggs) I simply toasted the bread and buttered it. I then topped the toast with freshly chopped strawberries and bananas, sprinkled some cinnamon and drowned drizzled it in maple syrup.
The only addition I could make would be to spread a generous amount of ricotta cheese on the toast or to “French-toast” the bread with a vanilla egg mixture and fry till crispy before adding the toppings.
Enjoy with whatever fruit you have.

I would love to have fresh figs to do a fresh fig, ricotta and honey fruit toast one morning, as I know how beautifully fig and ricotta go together…but we’ll save that for another day!

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