Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CNR Kitchen - Northbridge

After my first RAW FOOD experience was a little disappointing (See Raw Food Kitchen – Fremantle blog post here) I have since heard many wonderful reviews on CNR Kitchen in Northbridge and raw/vegan food in general.

I came to CNR Kitchen one sunny Sunday lunch and we sat in the sun overlooking the Northbridge Piazza. It is such a beautiful spot to sit on a sunny day and enjoy the fresh breeze and watch the big screen if your lunch date is a little boring! Fortunate for me, I had lots of chatting to do!

For lunch we tried their raw Pad Thai $19 and Roasted Veggie Stack $19.
The raw Pad Thai was made with raw zucchini pasta, coconut milk, fresh coriander, capsicum, carrot, coconut slices and a small kick of chilli. I found this dish very strange but enjoyed it the more I ate it. It definitely lacked seasoning, so after a good salt and pepper addition, I quite enjoyed the flavours. Nothing like a Pad Thai from a Thai restaurant but some thing light and cleansing for a change. It’s nice not to feel oily and bloated after finishing a classic Pad Thai dish.

The Roasted Veggie Stack was a polenta cake, grilled zucchini, eggplant, capsicum drizzled with balsamic reduction. The sauces were coconut, pesto and a tomato salsa which were definitely needed to add flavour to the dish. Without these, it simply was grilled vegetables pilled on top of one another. I commend them on the presentation and the beautiful condiments to compliment the stack.

We ordered the G.A.P. drink – ginger, apple and pear juice $6.50. This was deliciously refreshing. I love ginger in a juice!
We also tried the Almond Milk Smoothie – the Golden Rough $8.50.

I drink almond milk regularly so loved the combination of cacao, coconut butter, dates and agave. This was a sure winner! 
Overall I felt refreshed and cleansed when I left, which is nice for a change as I usually consume copious amounts of food and leave restaurants struggling to walk as I am so full.
I would love to return and try some of their raw desserts!

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  1. Ooh I loved CNR's food too. I need to go back and try the Veggie Stack and Golden Rough Smoothie! They look amazing and I love the little condiment dishes!

  2. Thanks Vegan Sparkles! So delicious! The almond smoothie was definately a hit! I want to try make this one at home! The condiment dishes only came on the side because I asked for them this way. I am so used to having dressings and sauces drown out the dishes that I automatically get them on the side now. The veggie stack normally looks a lot more impressive! :)