Monday, August 27, 2012

The Happy Wife - Bunbury

Bunbury isn’t typically renowned for its choice in breakfast café’s, but this new little café has certainly caught my eye! On a recent Monday morning, I popped down to The Happy Wife on Stirling Street to catch up with a friend over a beautiful brunch!

The Happy Wife sits right on the foreshore on Stirling Street and when I walked in, I instantly felt like I had entered a quirky, charming little café. The menu for one just blew my mind!
Gourmet ingredients like free range eggs and menu choices such as homemade porridge with cinnamon and poached fruit kept me busy scanning the menu trying to decide! Choices like Moroccan baked eggs or homemade crumpets with honeycomb butter just left me pondering the menu for ages trying to work out how I could try one of everything!

I ended up choosing the poached eggs on sourdough with cherry tomatoes and homemade relish. I added a side of smoked salmon (as I can't resist having smoked salmon with my breakfast!).

Service was lovely as I sat in a seat tucked away on the side of the café with the morning sunshine streaming through the café and a strong breeze that was persistent to blow through the café from the water. My eyes wondered as I saw gorgeous paintings on the walls and the fridge which was decked out with the most irresistible homemade treats! You could even purchase some organic fruit and vegetables which were in the fridge or buy a jar of homemade chutney. I love the fact that the café sells the homemade chutney’s and jams that it uses in its dishes.
The Happy Wife really had a country feel and you felt like you could sit for hours, sipping on a coffee and reading a magazine or catching up with a friend. I know I was keen to stay until I had digested breakfast so I could try some of the delectable lunch items that were starting to come out of the kitchen!
As I can sometimes feel a little bloated after white/sourdough bread, I was hoping for a grain bread option, but unfortunately the sourdough toast was the only option…

Poached eggs on sourdough with cherry tomatoes and homemade relish. (+ a side of smoked salmon $6) 

My eggs were poached to perfection and the plump red cherry tomatoes had been roasted until they were bursting full of goodness! The side of smoked salmon was generous (as it should be for $6 a pop!) the toast was ladened with butter which it oozed as you cut it. I’m normally not one to be picky about something like this, but I like the choice of being able to put butter on my toast or not or how much to put on…I felt a little robbed when I didn’t get this choice and my toast was drowned in butter regardless of my decision.

All in all, it’s great to see Bunbury has a cute café that offers organic, fresh and homemade treats for breakfast and lunch. The décor in The Happy Wife reminded me of a modern beachside shack, but with class. If I’m in Bunbury again and looking for a gourmet breakfast or lunch I will definitely be back!

Highs: Gorgeous fresh, organic and homemade ingredients and the most mouth-watering of dishes on offer!
Lows: Lack of toast options and it being smothered in butter
Overall: Beautiful food and great service
Will I return? Definitely, Bunbury needs more of café’s like this offering fresh homely food!

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