Monday, July 2, 2012

Jessie's Curry Kitchen and Cafe - Inglewood

So we’ve officially moved to Maylands and if you can imagine the excitement of moving to a new location, you can only imagine the excitement I have to be in short distance from the food-wonderland of Beaufort street in Mt Lawley and all the cafes and restaurants now on offer!

The very first night in our new unit, we decided to try a little place I have heard so much about!

Jessie’s Curry Kitchen and Café is located at 869 Beaufort Street in Inglewood and specialises in Indian and Malaysian cuisine.

If you have read the reviews, or are lucky enough to speak to a customer who has stumbled across this gold-mine, then you will understand why were so excited to try Jessie’s!

You would almost walk past Jessie’s without noticing the cosy café, with just over 20 seats inside. There has been minimal time spent on the décor of the restaurant and the place, if you didn’t know any better, looks a little dodgy from a passing-by point of view.

For those that have discovered Jessie’s, they have most likely become a weekly customer, because the food here is divine!
Not only were we greeted with a warm smile and welcome, we were passed a menu and any questions I had were kindly answered to with the utmost politeness.
The food ranges from entrée’s such as curry puffs to Dosai’s (curry wrapped in roti bread), to noodle and rice dishes and curry set meals.
Nothing over $20, and most meals being around $10.

We ordered the large prawn curry (which we were advised was made fresh on the spot) for $17.50.
plus a takeaway large rice $3.00.
We also ordered the “fish curry set meal” with a fish curry, two vegetables, dahl, a pappadum and rice for $10!
Yes you have read correctly!

We had a fish curry, two vegetable curries (the vegetable curries of the night were an eggplant curry and potato curry), dahl, rice and a pappadum for only $10!

The prawn curry had 19 freshly cooked prawns (yes I counted), and was in a spicy tomato, onion curry sauce. AMAZING value!

This photo is of the fishy curry over rice with a pappadum:

The fish meal was all put into one takeaway container, which would be my only negative…I guess if you ordered this to eat it, it would come nicely arranged on the plate around the rice…however as we ordered takeaway, this was all mooshed into the one takeaway container.
The flavours were delightful mind you. However, before I could blink, a lot of the sauce was soaked up by the rice and I could no longer dig for that sweet spicy dahl curry or pick out those beautiful eggplant pieces in the vegetable curry.

I think next time I would just order the eggplant curry by itself or the dahl. Such beautiful flavours!
Our order came to just over $30 and we were more than satisfied with the amount and quality of food we received.

I mentioned to the guy who served us that we had just moved in down the road, and before we had even tried the food I told him to remember us as we would become regulars!
This was how confident I was that the food would be amazing!

The restaurant was filled with happy customers who were all tucking into gorgeous smelling meals! I felt this little community inside the tiny café that made me feel like we all had a common understanding that we had discovered a hidden gem of a café!

Jessie’s Curry Kitchen and Cafe is run by Jessie herself, her husband, and who I could only assume was their son, who served us. All so friendly and polite, I would have no doubts in returning here in the future…every week.
As they had run out of takeaway menu’s which I was ever so eager to place on our fridge at home, I grabbed a business card.

Upon returning home with our generous packages of curries, I placed the business card up on our new fridge, with the number to order takeaway clearly in sight.

Jessie’s has become our local.

Highs: The curries, prices and gorgeous service!
Lows: The ambience of the cafe is curry-house chic, If you're happy to rock on in with your BYO and enjoy your night, then what more could you want?
Overall: such friendly service, amazing value and flavours!
Will I return? Ever week if I allow myself.

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  1. Hey Lisa, that's great to know! I'm around the Mt Lawley area all the time so I'll have to pop in now to take a look!
    All my food love,
    Lydia :)

  2. Thanks for your comment Lydia! Jessie's is by far the best little discovery you will make this week! I was so warmed by the friendly staff and the delicious food! Definately give Jessie's a try, you won't regret it!

  3. How wonderful to find such a lovely place to call your local! :D