Wednesday, August 8, 2012

S & T Thai Gourmet Cafe - Northbridge

S&T Thai is one of those places that when you find out about it you either
a)    Tell everyone you know as you are amazed at it’s deliciousness
b)    Tell no one, so that this little gem of a Thai restaurant does not get too busy when you go there every week.

I decided (a) because this place is so fantastic that if I didn’t tell anyone I think I would spontaneously combust with excitement.
The menu is huge, and after you decide what you want to order, you simply press the button on the table that says “order”. And just like magic, a waitress will come to take your order. The other buttons available are “water” and “bill.” It beats waving over a waitress during your meal any day!

Prawn Money bags for entree

The Tom Yum soup (entrée size – set meal with rice) was rather small. For an additional $2 we could have got the large size which was huge, but this size was very small. I guess for an entrée it is all you need… The flavours of the soup were lovely. Just not enough!!
Chicken Tom Yum soup for entree

The prawn salad for entrée was very sweet/sour/spicy and almost too sicky for my personal taste. There was a nice kick of chilli hiding in the salad and the prawns were huge, plump and bursting full of juiciness!

Prawn Salad - Grilled prawn with fresh garlic, chilli and lemon juice.

Our Prawn Red Curry was absolutely delicious! A generous serving of plump prawns and a beautifully tasting curry sauce that wasn’t too creamy or spicy. I do like spicy curries but this was just perfect! Such a large serving too!

Prawn Red Curry

Prawn Pad Thai

The prawn Pad Thai was unbelievable. I have not tasted a Pad Thai like this since I was in Thailand last year! The sweet and nutty flavours of the tamarind and peanut did not overtake from the soy, spices and yet another generous serving of perfectly cooked prawns! The fresh addition of coriander and crunchy bean shoots added a nice textual contrast. Unlike a lot of Pad Thai’s I have had, it wasn’t too oily and didn’t leave that thick oil taste in your mouth. The fresh squeeze of lemon took it to another level and I was sold. Perfection!

This was demolished in front of my eyes and I don’t think I spoke to the others at the table for the duration of its existence.
Beef Panang Curry

The Panang curry was unlike a lot of Panang Curries I have tried in Perth Thai restaurants.  It wasn’t very creamy, and was rather sweet. I did not taste the peanut and Red Thai curry flavours I usually drool over. It was however, a delicious curry.
 Green Chicken Curry

We would have taken the leftover curry sauce home but we noticed this sign on the wall:

50c, wow…really?!  This put me off a little, but also made me smile.
In summary, we ordered two entrees, 5 mains and rice and the total bill came to $106! Now that’s value! Considering three of these meals were seafood dishes!

Highs: The Pad Thai for sure!
Lows: Sweet prawn salad that didn’t really hit the spot.
Overall: Such value for money and wonderfully tasty dishes! I can’t wait to come back and try more!
Will I return? I already am this weekend!

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