Sunday, August 5, 2012

Holy Guacamole!

One little avocado sitting in the fridge. Looking all lonely…
I’ve been told time and time again how good avocados are for the nutrients they provide and the good fats and oils your body needs! Making the discovery of this avocado in my fridge, I thought what better opportunity to whip up some guacamole for an afternoon snack! Mmm!!

I decided to have the leftovers on my toast with eggs, mushrooms, spinach and smoked salmon for brekky the next morning…now this is going to become a regular thing!
Wow, am I purchasing some more of these little beauties ASAP! Delicious!!

Simple Guacamole Recipe:
·         Avocado (mashed)
·         Red onion
·         Crushed garlic
·         Lemon juice
·         Tomato
·         Salt
·         Pepper
·         Chilli
·         Fresh coriander

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and there you have it! You can pretty much use whatever you feel like. I added a big sprinkle of chilli because I’m a chilli lover, and some chopped cucumber because I felt like a fresh crunch. I also used spring onion instead of red onion as this was all I had and it still tasted absolutely delicious!
Serve with corn chips, salsa, sour cream or simply dip veggie sticks into it for a healthy snack!

The next morning I smeared this green goodness onto some of my FAVOURITE (Lawley’s Bakery) Fig and Fennel toast topped with sautéed mushrooms, spinach, smoked salmon, fried tomatoes and eggs! Now that is what I call a perfect breakfast!

Fig and Fennel Toast from Lawley's Bakery in Mt Lawley

Fresh homemade guacamole on toast for brekky

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