Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ria Malaysian - take 2

For the second time in less than two weeks, we visited Ria Authentic Malaysian in Leederville.
This should give you some indication of how impressed we were the first time!

The restaurant was busy and even more so considering it was a Friday night at 5.30pm. It just goes to show, that we wouldn't have been able to get a seat if we didnt book!

With only a 10 minute or so wait, the dishes started pouring out from the kitchen.

This time we tried a few different dishes but still got our favourite Nyonya Salad!
The freshness of the vegetables cooked so the beans still had a little crunch and the sweet zing of the dressing complimented the crunchy texture of the nuts with fresh mint garnishing the dish.
This was a winner, yet again.

Nyonya Salad: $15 - our favourite! With a spicy dressing, herbs and crushed peanuts.
We glanced up to the *Specials Board* and noticed an Indian Seafood Curry.
...You had me at "Indian".

Indian Special: Seafood curry in a coconut milk sauce. $25

This beautiful dish was topped with crunchy, perfecly cooked prawns, soft fall-apart-as-you-eat fish and swwet scallops. It was DIVINE!
The rich sauce was not hot but had a depth and creamyness to it. I could taste the spices and the real flavour!
Not like any Indian ive tried before (and trust me, ive tried many!), but it was so tasty and summed up a perfect dish for me. 

Ive always wondered how they managed to get each seafood element cooked perfectly in one dish. Brilliant!

Next we tried the Portuguese baked Fish: on a banana leaf spiced predominately with chilli and dried shrimps. This dish looked very impressive when we first saw it coming out. A large fish fillet, cooked (again) perfectly with the fish breaking away effortlessly.

 Portuguese Baked Fish $21

The main factor about this dish was the thick sauce covering the fish....This sauce had a "plum sauce" consistency and was powerfully spiced. The sauce in my opinion was way too overpowering for the fish. The fish itself was a little ruined by the huge amount of sauce covering every ounce of flesh. 1/4 of this amount would have been bearable as once I scraped a lot of the sauce off, minimal amount of the sauce actually tasted quite nice.
It's a shame this was ruined by the huge quantity that was covering the fish.
Plus, with the amazing-ness that was the special Indian Seafood Curry, I couldn't help but keep going back for more Indian Curry and avioding the Portuguese Fish.

This dish was not necessarily hot in chilli flavour either, which surprised me considering it was labelled with "Three chillis" on the menu.

Our other guests tried the Arab Beef from Kedah, influenced by Arabs. Non spicy with tomatoes and nutty from sesame seeds.

Arab beef $23

 The other dish ordered was the Nyonya chicken curry: spiced with coriander, tumeric, cinnamon, chilli and coconut milk.

Nyonya chicken curry $22

We ordered rice for the table and feasted away in what was overall a very rewarding experience.
The flavours of the dishes from Ria were wonderful, rich with spices and flavour!

The service was very fast in the beginning to recieve our meals, however we had to try wave down a waiter to get our water refilled. It seemed once our meals were delivered, we were almost forgotton about.

All in all, there was a reason we came back to Ria and it didn't dissappoint.
The staff were friendly and helpful, the ambience was busy and the food was beautiful!

We will definately be back in the could we not be curious to try all the wonderfully sounding dishes!

Highs: The Seafood Indian Curry Special
Lows: The Portuguese Baked Fish
Overall: 8/10
Will I return? Definitely

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