Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tom Yum Soup

I once tried a Tom Yum Soup in a tin from the shops.

This experience put me off the sweet, sour and spicy Thai soup for ages! Serves me right really, because who eats Thai soup from a tin anyway?! I felt so sick afterwards and the memory haunted me for years later.

Over much reluctance, I’ve been slowly adapting my tastebuds to the soupy sensation that is “Tom Yum”. I’ve even reached the point where I would have a few spoonfuls at a restaurant and actually enjoy the taste. When done well, with the right balance of sweet, spicy and sour flavours, this soup can actually be a winner.

Just recently we made Tom Yum soup for dinner for about 12 people. I followed a recipe that included a few types of Asian mushrooms (as a mushroom lover this was like heaven), lemongrass, shallots, chilli and galangal among other Thai herbs, prawns and vegetables.  

The simplicity of boiling the sweet and spicy stock water with the ingredients in which the Thai flavours infuse throughout the broth is brilliant. You chuck some fresh slices of tomato in at the end and sprinkle with coriander and spring onions.  

Here is a photo of the Tom Yum we made a couple of nights later just for dinner for two. Same recipe though.

I would make this more if I only had ingredients like lemongrass and galangal sitting in my fridge.

Worth a try to impress J

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