Monday, April 16, 2012

Macaron Magic

The Hawkers Markets in Perth City among other things, allowed me to spend $12 trying these little delicacies! 

Out of all the Asian, Moroccan, Turkish and Indian delights - I chose the sweetness that france offered.

Below are the six macarons I bought, sitting neatly on a plate, unaware yet of my pending judgement...

The first I tried was Blueberry.
This bright deep blue macaron was my favourite. Although the flavour of blueberry was not as authentic as I had hoped, it still had a sweet blueberry flavoured creme in the middle and a crunchy outside.


The next macaroon was pistacio flavoured and was green in colour. I normally really like pistacio flavoured macaroons as they are often not as sweet as others and have that sweet nutty flavour that pistacios are known for. This was less pistachio-flavoured and more general-sweet flavoured. Gobbled up nonetheless. 


This almond praline macaron was even less flavoursome than the pistachio macaroon. I expected to taste the almond, but again, just another sweet biscuit flavour with subtle almond flavours.

 Almond Praline 

Lemon macarons are my favourite because you get that sweetness from the sugar and that sour zing from the lemon flavour. This macaroon did not dissappoint. It was the sweet lemony goodness of a lemon biscuit and the even sweeter lemon-curd-flavoured creme filling.


The salted caramel was another hit, with that sweet caramel richness you expect from caramel flavouring to that ever-so-slightly salty tinge. A caramel-lovers best friend.

 Salted Caramel

The coconut macaron was not as strongly flavoured with coconut as I had hoped. The flavour was more of a coconut essence rather than that real coconut hit I was hoping for.
I think this was the pattern with these macaroons, not as authentic flavoured as I had hoped.


All in all, a macaron is never a terrible experience really. I enjoyed treating myself to this well-deserved sugar high.

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