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Toast - East Perth

Brunch would have to be one of my favourite meals of the day.

I could happily eat “breakfast food” such as cereal for every meal of the day until I die.
I guess brunch falls into that category of more substantial meals and everything from those sweet pancakes, eggs on toast, to muesli, croissants and crepes!
Toast in East Perth covers all of the above and more!

Picture this... Sunday morning, beautiful weather creeping up to a hot 33 degree day down near the water in Claisebrook Cove. Toast is busy as! Every man and their dog are out this morning to soak up the sun and ponder over the huge menu Toast has to offer.
The café has two sections, one inside, grab a couch and paper. The tables outside have shading but you can enjoy the sun and sip on your latte! The staff were friendly and inviting and placed some cute plastic cups, some menu’s and a funny looking jug on our table!
Starting from a variety of around 14 different types of toast to go with your meal, Toast offers gluten free toast, to polenta, potato and parmesan, Turkish bread, wholegrain, white and even bagels and more!
What I love about Toast is that no matter who you are – vego, meat lover, sweet, savoury, simple, big, small – you’ll find a brunch item that suits you!

I could have tried everything on this menu, from simplistic treats like banana and cinnamon sugar on toast to mascarpone, toasted almond and honey on banana bread. If you like vegemite there’s even avocado and vegemite on toast with a poached egg!
I was very tempted to try their Swiss Bircher Muesli…but I have fruit/yogurt/muesli for brekky most mornings so I refrained…
Special options on toast include French toast with ricotta, blueberries and maple syrup, potato, mint and feta pancakes with smoked salmon, poached eggs,sour cream and chives!

The usual eggs -scrambled/fried/poached/Florentine/Benedict/Norwegian/omelette and the extras make an appearance, plus sweet and savoury crepes, croissants, and any breakfast item your imagination can create.

I ordered a latte and the girls ordered a natural banana smoothie with honey and yogurt each for $6.90. These came out very promptly considering how busy it was. The coffee was lovely and the smoothie was very natural and also very yum! It tasted like the smoothies I used to make at home with my milkshake maker, blending a ripe banana with milk, honey and yogurt! Mmm!

Natural Banana Smoothie ($6.90)


After much debate, I settled on the egg white omelette with roasted capsium, cherry tomatoes, spinach pecorino and ricotta cheese. I ordered mushrooms and rocquette on the side with rye bread $19.50 (because apparently a large omelette isn’t enough for one person for brekky…).

Jules ordered the (fig and walnut) fruit toast with spiced ricotta, grated apple and honey $12.90.

Moni ordered the vegetarian big breakfast with stuffed field mushroom, eggs, grilled tomato, corn fritter, toast for $17.90.

Jules and I had our meals brought out to us within a short wait and the waitress proceeded to ask M if “she was waiting on anything?”…which seemed strange considering she was sitting with nothing in front of her and the waitress had just brought us our meals…so unless she came to breakfast to watch us eat…of course she was waiting on her big vegetarian breakfast…

I politely offered to wait to M had to meal before I started, but after around 10 minutes I started to eat my meal and we checked how long M’s meal was away…a few more minutes apparently.

I had nearly finished devouring my omelette when M’s meal was bought out…finally!

I’ve never ordered an egg white omelette before but it was certainly only egg whites as it was a pale white colour with red cherry tomatoes popping out, green spinach and red capsicum. The big leafy rocquette I ordered extra gave the plate a lift and I love the peppery taste of fresh rocquette with my meals. I loved the rye toast which was light and crunchy and went perfectly with my omelette.

Egg-white omelette with rocquette and mushrooms ($19.50)

I tasted Jules’ fruit toast with spiced ricotta, grated apple and honey and it blew my mind! Pow for the sweet honey drizzled over the huge stack of grated apple on ricotta, on the crunchy, sweet fruit toast! It was one of those meals that drew attention from the table next to us, and with a few nods of impressed approval, it certainly lived up to its grand expectations! 

The cinnamon spiced with the smooth, creamy ricotta went so perfectly with the sweet green apple and honey. I would love to try this on toasted banana bread or even as a topping on French toast or pancakes! 

I was almost simultaneously planning my trip home to the grocery store to buy ricotta and apples to make this delicious concoction!
Yum! Yum!

Fruit toast with spiced ricotta, grated apple and honey ($12.90)

I will note here that I patiently waited for J to announce her retirement from eating and that she “couldn’t fit any more in” before I cleaned up any ounce of sweet-honey-drizzled-spiced-ricotta-grated-apple-fruit-toasting-deliciousness that was left on her plate. That brunch never saw what was coming.

I’d completely forgotten that I had just devoured a large omelette with extra sides and a latte just moments before! (Deal with it stomach. Just deal.)

M’s vegetarian breakfast is one I’ve actually had at Toast once before on the first time I visited this café. I precisely remember the mushroom being stuffed with a cashew and parsley pesto, which was nice, but still seemed a little dry. The main moisture came from the roasted tomatoes and the yolk which oozed perfectly out of my poached eggs. The corn fritter was popping with fresh corn kernals and tasted fantastic. A nice dollop of tomatoe or sundried tomatoes chutney would have gone perfectly with this meal.

Below is a photo of M’s vegetarian breakfast from our brunch date just gone…

Vegetarian Big Breakfast ($17.90)

I thought the cool water jug we were given deserved a photo!

Overall, Toast proved to me that breakfast CAN and WILL be apart of every meal of my day!

I love the creativeness and the variety of the dishes available.
You don't even need to like breakfast and you will find something here!
This cafe will probably know me by name by the time I'm finished with it.

My next plan is to get a group of 10 or more people to this cafe and see with my own eyes the wonderful variety of food available here!

Highs: The fruit toast with spiced ricotta and grated apple
Lows: The delay for one of our meals to be served (I doubt this happens often)
Overall: 9/10

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